Book Tour Workshops FAQs


TQ.   Who are these book tour workshops for?

A.  These ‘pop up’ style sketching workshops are for anyone wanting to learn the art of sketching and Mary’s style. These workshops were designed for art lovers and creative enthusiasts wanting to pick up a new hobby. Some of the lessons will be directly pulled by my new book: The Artful Sketch!

Q.   I have little to no experience drawing, is this class for me?

A. Yes, Absolutely! Mary takes you step by step through each lesson.  We aim for our workshops to feel comfortable, inviting, and promote a space filled with no judgments (especially from ourselves.) We understand that learning a new skill or trade can be intimidating sometimes but sketching for us is all about being creative and having fun!  Many students in class start off as beginners, but by the end – everyone is sure to feel energized and confident in their ability to sketch! The workshops highly encourages group collaboration so everyone is very friendly, helpful, and supportive.

Q. Why do you Different pay options?

A. We offer different rates based on what you’d like included in your ticket. Some people just need the basic sketchkit and while others might want to enjoy the added perks (totebag, enamel pin, book) at a value price. We wanted to offer different options based on your preference and budget!

Q.  I have a lot of experience sketching, is this class for me?

A. While we would love for everyone to take our class, our class is designed for introductory level attendees and anyone who is interested in learning from Mary!

Q. What will I take away from taking the class?

  • Fundamentals of sketching basics

  • Quick tips on creating different textures

  • Pencil pressure & line weights

  • Scale, proportion

  • Shadows & Use of highlights

  • Leave feeling inspired

  • Creative outlet

  • Fun & relaxing environment

Q. Will class materials be provided?

A. You will not need to purchase any materials prior to class—a sketch-kit will be provided for each attendee to keep. We will be sharing a class set of markers for students to share but you are more than welcome to purchase your own set of recommended brand markers to use for the class.  

Q. What is your cancellation/transfer policy?

A. Once you have enrolled in class, there are no refunds under any circumstances.  We know that things come up, so if you cannot attend you are allowed to transfer your ticket, but you will need to find your replacement and email as soon as you are able.  

If you need to make a city/class switch, there is a $25 switch fee and must be taken in the same calendar year.  Class Transfers must be applied within 2019 or if the option is not available, attendee will forfeit their seat and no refunds can be issued.

If the instructor has to cancel, we do everything in our power to send in a replacement instructor. But if class must be cancelled, you will receive your refund within 14 days of cancellation.  There are no refunds on loss of flight, accommodations, or anything outside of the class fee.  We will notify all attendees with as much notice as possible. 


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