We work with event designers, interior designers, and corporate agencies to showcase developed presentations to showcase to a client. Showing your client a hand-sketched  

Each project is custom quoted and is based on the number of spaces/vignettes, how detailed you would like the room, and how many versions/scenarios you would like illustration.  Please note that due to our calendar schedule, each project may take 3-6 weeks of lead time.

Rush orders are evaluated on a case by case basis with a rush fee. We also have the ability to produce computer renderings, but we think there's something special with hand-sketches!


What is the process?

The entire process may take 3-6 weeks, and depending on how quickly you can give us edits/changes and what our current calendar schedule is like. Please note that rush orders incur a 20% rush fee.

You can click the link below to inquire or fill out our preliminary form so we can turn over a proposal over to you. 

We would like images uploaded to our dropbox, with your business name as part of naming the file.

Generally, once we have taken a look at your request - it may take 1-2 days for us to send over a quote unless we have clarifying questions.  You will receive an email, letting you know that we have received your request.

Once you are ready to move forward, we will schedule an estimated time of when we will get the proof to you. We collect a $250 non-refundable payment to start the project. We start sketches and will deliver a pencil sketch for you to proof.  

During the proofing stage is when you are able to suggest or make changes.  We will make the edits and email that back to you.  

Once the pencil proof sketch is approved, we start the final phase which is coloring. We will email you a low resolution proof so you can approve the colors.  If there are changes, we are able to make 1 final color edit and then we're all done!

Before we send you the final version - we ask for the remaining balance.  We will email you the final version via .jpg high resolution (atleast 300 dpi) file via dropbox.   

The custom illustration price DOES NOT include a print. But we are happy to have it printed on Glicee paper for an added fee.* We do not print in-house so please note that this may add more time to your order. 

The whole process should take 1-3 weeks. If you take a while to come back with revisions, of course, the process can take longer.

Who owns the rights to the work?

We reserve all rights to the body of work.  

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