Seasons of Change. 6 tips on how to survive + thrive!

Photo by  @induhuynh  / Florals by  @floralmaker

Photo by @induhuynh / Florals by @floralmaker

Image by @verymaryinspired / Styling by Irene Amido

Image by @verymaryinspired / Styling by Irene Amido

My Creative Friends and Entrepreneurs,

Has life been super demanding, stressful, and down right insane?! I'm there with ya!! 

Finding focus and calm during the craziest season of this busy life is never the easiest. I'm constantly looking for my center.  Maybe a few of you can relate to this season of change. 

Photo by  @induhuynh  / Florals by  @floralmaker

Photo by @induhuynh / Florals by @floralmaker


I'm a mom of 2 adorable little fellas and school just started for them. For some parents, that's a blessing so they can be back into a normal routine, yet for some others it's another time of transition. Maybe for others, you don't have children, but you're dealing with another transition in your life.  Let me tell ya -- I'm not very graceful when it comes to change. But I digress -- I fall into the camp where starting school is another thing to juggle on top of running a creative business. My oldest son started a new school and we drive 50 minutes to get to his school, the hubby started a second job, and well we're also in a remodel that left us without a shower, I manage a team of between 4-6 people, I'm also writing a book, and last summer my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disorder along with ear surgeries which adds a lot of hospital and visits to the doctors office.  Whew! After typing that all out - I think I'm ready for a glass of wine. Friends, I've been craving some sort of routine or structure -- and normalcy if that's what you want to call it, but in the midst of trying to find something that works for us -- I've learned to give myself grace. I think I've rained buckets of tears when things seem to be too heavy and when I've given myself the chance to experience all the emotions - I tell myself, life is AMAZING and I'm blessed - I have a roof over my head, I have a husband that supports me, I have my amazing boys who bring endless joy to my life, I have an amazing team who sees the bigger vision, and I am given a talent to share with the world! You guys, despite my heaviest days and feeling like I can't do it by myself -- I have so much to be thankful for.  I have faith that in order to 'get over it, we must go through it.'


For anyone reading this blog, I hope if you're going through some difficult seasons in your life -- know that you are not alone.  Know that the burden cannot last forever and be kind to yourself, allow compassion to shine through.  I've created a list of things that I've been working on in order to find some semblance in my life and hope that it helps you too! If you have any additional things that seem to work for you, I'd love to hear it! 


1. Schedule in daily Meditation (download @headspace app)

2. Prayer + Practice gratitude (if you're spiritual or religous, take time to find the blessings in your life. Be thankful for what you have)

3. Plan out at least 30 minutes a day to Exercise (if you can't do 30 minutes, I've downloaded the The 7 minute workout on my phone. Works great when I travel)

4. Cut out processed sugars (I cut out sugar cold turkey, but you can slowly take away the sugars. Cutting out sugar has helped tremendously with my concentration and I feel great!)

4. Schedule 15 minutes of Creative Play (sketching, creating, doing something fun!) 

5. Connect with Friends & Family (set a monthly call, visit, or check in with those who matter most!) 

6. Work in an inspiring space preferably with Inspiring people - Your work environment needs to allow room for creativity and if it wasn't a given - Find and surround yourself with inspiring people ;)


These are just some of the things that I'm working on to live a more well-balanced life.  Self-care really needed to be a priority in my life, especially when things get so chaotic.  I admit, I have never been a structured person - uhmmm...hello, creative person here! But I find that creating a schedule actually helps ensure I get through all my responsibilities while maintaining my sanity.

Aside from this transition, we will be co-sharing a space in Fremont with our dearest @essellesf in her amazing new space @kinfolkinspiredspace.  We are so excited to get more facetime with her as she's always working on something fun!  To get a glimpse of the space, check out this recent chat we had with @essellesf about her inspiration and intention behind @kinfolkinspiredspace (KIS) click here!