It's Launch Day!!!


Today's the day, guys!! We're thrilled you have decided to visit.  This is a big day, not only because we finally have a website, but that we get to share it with the universe, however big or small that may be! Have you ever worked hard on something and right when you're about to show it off, you get the biggest ball of nerves and then your palms get all sweaty?! Well, this website is that for us.  Lots of ideas and dreams written down, hours of creative conversations, months of back and forth, and then back to the drawing board (no PUN intended!) and dare we say it's been years of stalling (on our end!) to figure out our voice.  We really wanted to speak from our hearts and find out what pushes us on the daily so we could deliver it in the most authentic, realest, coolest way we could deliver it to the people we care about - YOU! We wouldn't be here if we didn't have an audience to serve and the biggest hurdle we had to overcome was ourselves.  Isn't that the damn truth all the time with creative types?! So we finally said, enough is enough -- we NEED to have a website so we can start to meet those looking for us too! I mean, that's what this site and brand is all about -- finding more creatives to connect and grow with!  So if you're reading this, THANK YOU for cheering us on, believing in us, supporting us - BUT we hope that we can deliver in our promise which is to show you all how to "live a creatively inspired life!!" We  strive to build a community that engages with us so we can improve and offer content, classes, and event you all want to see! Don't hesitate to reach out or comment on our social feeds - WE are listening and we are passionate about bringing answers to those who seek it!